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Faculty and partners affiliated with the IoE are academic leaders, researchers, scholars, educators, professionals, and partners who support interdisciplinary environmental and ecological sciences research, education, and engagement activities of the institute. If you would like to be affiliated with the IoE, please visit this link. and submit your information.

To learn more about affiliated roles with the Institute on Ecosystems, please contact either Cathy Whitlock (MSU: or Ray Callaway (UM:

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Gary Tabor - Executive Director
UM Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Suzi Taylor - Assistant Director, Outreach and Communications
Extended University, Montana State University - Bozeman

David Thoma - ecologist
Inventory and Monitoring, National Park Service

Aaron Thomas - IRSE Director
Indigenous Research and STEM Education (IRSE), The University of Montana - Missoula

Holly Thompson - Lecturer
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Montana - Missoula

Sally Thompson - Anthropologist
Dept of Anthropology, The University of Montana - Missoula

Suzanne Tilleman - Assistant Professor
Management and Marketing, The University of Montana - Missoula

Bret Tobalske - Associate Professor
Division of Biological Sciences, The University of Montana - Missoula

Kurt Toenjes - Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Biological and Physical Sciences, Montana State University Billings

Maggie Triska - Conservation Scientist
Round River Conservation Studies, Round River Conservation Studies


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MSU Director: Bruce Maxwell

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The University of Montana
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UM Director: Maury Valett


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